Institute for Social Emotional Education

Welcome to the Institute for Social Emotional Education

where we Educate! Equip! And Empower you and your stakeholders to

become conscious problem-solvers and your own life coaches.

We Educate! Equip! And Empower YOU with the healthy social-emotional skills 

to build relationship capacity at home, school, Work, and in the community.

The Institute for Social-Emotional Education(ISEE) is your #1 Resource.

does it differently?

Uses a culturally responsive approach

Uses a systems approach

Uses Social emotional skills

Uses agriculture to illustrate and explain relationships

Engages home-school-community

Focuses on the roots

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“This is the first time in many years that there has been a 90-100% participation in every session for the 15 sessions.  The RUMERTIME Process is the difference, the revised Alternatives Manual uses storytelling, art, creative writing, interactive activities, discussion and reflection as mediums for self-expression and exploration.” 


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