Institute for Social Emotional Education

About Us

The Institute for Social Emotional Education is a subsidiary of GCSCORED, Inc.

GCSCORED, Inc. is a non-profit/501c3 organization, where we educate and equip you with the social-emotional skills necessary to become a conscious problem solver and your own life coach. Ultimately, you become empowered to be the best version of yourself.

Mission Statement

To Renew Minds, Transform Lives and Create Safer Communities

Goal Statement

To educate, equip and empower individuals across the lifespan to become conscious problem solvers at home, school, work, in the community and at play.

Vision Statement

Individuals across the lifespan living their best lives in resilient settings and societies where all individuals, institutions and communities are fully engaged and where “Every Piece Matters.”

Purpose Statement:

To build relational capacity in individuals, families, schools, communities and organizations.

Our History


Before Incorporation

Prior to incorporating in 2013 GCSCORED, Inc. has been on a mission to educate, equip and empower families, schools and communities to renew their minds, transform their lives and create safer communities. We have developed a social emotional framework, with its own theory of change strategy.  The innovative CSS framework  is available to all, but intentionally focuses on people of color along with other marginalized, voiceless and invisible people locally and globally.  The CSS Framework is explained using agriculture as its canvas to illustrate a culturally responsive, scalable, comprehensive, and practical approach to relationship capacity building.  At the root of the CSS framework are the five core social emotional competencies and six other research based theories and approaches. The RUMERTIME Process is the prevention/intervention social emotional problem solving strategy that GCSCORED’s Institute for Social Emotional Education is founded on.  It is the engine that drives ISEE’s two goals of increasing access to this reconceptualized approach to mental health and educating, equipping and empowering children, youth, and adults to live, love, learn, earn and play consciously and in balance.


Thinking Globally

We collaborate with partners locally and globally from diverse settings.  In 2015 we hosted the first of its kind international conference titled, “Thinking globally, counseling locally: Reaching our children, youth and communities in an era of globalization.” This three-day conference held in Trinidad and Tobago collaborated with various ministries of education, social development, law enforcement, health and human services, and universities from across 14 countries.


JGET was Born

The Institute for Social Emotional Education in 2017  launched a transdisciplinary, peer reviewed, open access, scholarly/practitioner based online journal that publishes articles related to social emotional skills.



See our 2019 year in review for additional partnerships and highly impactful activities.