Institute for Social Emotional Education

CSS Framework Course

Certificate of Completion

CEUs from NASW

Course Information

6  Modules

A minimum of 2 Mulching Activities per module

A minimum of 6 video recorded role plays


25 Hours Per Module

A minimum of 12 Videos

A minimum of 6 Assessments

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What Will You Learn

Individuals will: 

  1. Acquire knowledge about an innovative, re-conceptualized approach to mental health.
  2. Acquire knowledge about a culturally responsive and relevant approach to mental health
  3. Acquire skills to help themselves and others problem solve
  4. Acquire a culturally responsive and relevant approach to mental health
  5. Incorporate a mindset about mental health that utilizes the social emotional wellness perspective
  6. Understand intra and interpersonal relationships from a de-stigmatized and de-mystified perspective


This course will help family members to become Re-entry Ready. Participants will be introduced to the RUMERTIME® Process, a social emotional wellness approach designed to address the intersectionality of crises facing families in the USA and across the globe. They will be coached on the 3Rs 2 Re-Entry Readiness.

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Social Emotional Wellness and Behavioral Health(Self-Awareness/Responsible Decision-Making Skills )

Who am I now? (Self-Awareness Skills)

How do I be? “Human being?” or “Human doing?” (Self-Management Skills)

New Relationship norms, practices, attitudes (Relationship Management Skills)

Where do we go from here? What practices, philosophies, paradigms and pedagogies do we leave behind and/or take with us moving forward? (Responsible Decision-Making Skills)

Trauma is Everywhere/Basics of ACEs (Self-Awareness/Social Awareness Skills)

Cultural Responsiveness and Anti-Racism Curriculum (Social Awareness Skills)

Triadic Principles of Body/Mind/Spirit (Self-Awareness Skills/Self-Management Skills)

Who will Benefit

  • Families (traditional and non-traditional)
  • Single-person families
  • Two-person families
  • Blended families
  • Group homes/residential treatment centers
  • Assisted Living facilities
  • Refugee camps
  • Shelters
  • Others

Learning Experience

  • Google Classroom
  • Zoom Sessions
  • Facebook Community






5 Modules

5 Hours Per Module

CSS Framework Course

6 Modules

25 Hours Per Module

Wellness Champion Training (SEFA)

6 Modules

25 Hours Per Module

3Rs 2 Re-Entry Readiness

6 Modules

25 Hours Per Module