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CSS Framework Course

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Course Information

6  Modules

A minimum of 6 video recorded role plays

A minimum of 6 Assessments

25 Hours Per Module

A minimum of 12 Videos

A minimum of 12 Mulching Activities

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What Will You Learn

Individuals will: 

  1. Acquire knowledge about an innovative, re-conceptualized approach to mental health.
  2. Acquire knowledge about a culturally responsive and relevant approach to mental health
  3. Acquire skills to help themselves and others problem solve
  4. Acquire a culturally responsive and relevant approach to mental health
  5. Incorporate a mindset about mental health that utilizes the social emotional wellness perspective
  6. Understand intra and interpersonal relationships from a de-stigmatized and de-mystified perspective


This six module course is a comprehensive deep dive into the Cultivating SEEDS System(CSS) Framework.  This new, unique and innovative framework is a reconceptualized approach to mental health that utilizes an agricultural metaphor to describe, discuss, apply and connect a person’s lived experiences to agriculture and the process of cultivation.

CSS® stands for the Cultivating SEEDS System. In turn, SEEDS is an acronym for Social Emotional Education in Diverse Settings.

CSS® is an organizing framework that gives context, order and meaning to information obtained about a person’s background. The framework uses social emotional competencies and the social determinants of a person’s life course to explain human behavior. It also identifies the culturally responsive approach-(the RUMERTIME Process) that helps individuals across the life span renew their minds, transform their lives and they in turn help to create safer communities.  

Participants will receive live coaching and supportive feedback as they engage with the modules from trained GCSCORED personnel.

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Recognizing your MARKERS™ & GCSCORED’s MARKERS™

Understanding the building blocks of the CSS® Framework

Understanding the Mental Health Crisis locally and globally

Managing & Expressing Relationships the CSS® Way

The RUMERTIME Process®

Reflecting on Research, Evaluation and Development

Who will Benefit

All Individuals: Minimum educational requirement is a high school diploma and interest in being an advocate for social emotional wellness for all people groups, especially BIPOC

Learning Experience

  • Google Classroom
  • Zoom Sessions
  • Facebook Community






5 Modules

5 Hours Per Module

Helping the Helper

6 Modules

25 Hours Per Module

CSS Framework Course

6 Modules

25 Hours Per Module

CSS Framework Course

6 Modules

25 Hours Per Module