Institute for Social Emotional Education

Cultivating Trauma Competent Home -School-Community Stakeholders

Certificate of Completion

CEUs from NASW

Course Information

7  Modules

A minimum of 2 Assessments (pre & post)

A minimum of 2 Videos per Module

A minimum of 2 Role plays per Module

4 Hours Per Module

A minimum of 2 Mulching Activities per module

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What Will You Learn

Individuals will: 

  1. Gain knowledge and understanding about the ecological systems in which you are embedded.

  2. Acquire knowledge and understanding about social emotional wellness and the home environment.

  3. Acquire knowledge and understanding about the RUMERTIME® Process and trauma.

  4. Acquire the mindset and skills to become Re-Entry Ready to improve relationships in living spaces. 

  5. Acquire skills on using the tools and resources available from GCSCORED, Inc. to become trauma competent.


This course will help individuals at home, at school and in the community cultivate knowledge, mindsets and skills that can support them as they Recognize, Understand, Manage, Express and Reflect on the signs and symptoms, causes and prevention/intervention strategies of Trauma within themselves, and others such as their family members, students, parents and community stakeholders. Participants will be introduced to the RUMERTIME® Process, a social emotional wellness approach designed to address the intersectionality of crises facing families in the USA and across the globe.

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Social Emotional Wellness and Behavioral Health(Self-Awareness/Responsible Decision-Making Skills )

Who am I now? (Self-Awareness Skills)

How do I be? “Human being?” or “Human doing?” (Self-Management Skills)

New Relationship norms, practices, attitudes (Relationship Management Skills)

Where do we go from here? What practices, philosophies, paradigms and pedagogies do we leave behind and/or take with us moving forward? (Responsible Decision-Making Skills)

Trauma is Everywhere/Basics of ACEs (Self-Awareness/Social Awareness Skills)

Cultural Responsiveness and Anti-Racism Curriculum (Social Awareness Skills)

Triadic Principles of Body/Mind/Spirit (Self-Awareness Skills/Self-Management Skills)

Who will Benefit

  • School Personnel
  • Community Liaisons
  • Social Workers
  • School Counselors
  • School Nurses
  • School Psychologists
  • Educators
  • Administrators

Learning Experience

  • Google Classroom
  • Zoom Sessions
  • Facebook Community





3Rs 2 Re-Entry Readines

5 Modules

5 Hours Per Module

Helping the Helper to Help

1 Modules

2 Hours Per Module

Wellness Champion Training 

14 Modules

4 Hours Per Module

3Rs Re-Entry Readiness Families

6 Modules

25 Hours Per Module