Institute for Social Emotional Education

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Principles of Practice

12 Principles of Practice

Principle 1

Every Piece Matters- In order for individual, familial, community, institutional, and organizational wholeness to be attained all stakeholders must be fully engaged.

Principle 2

Home Influence + Community Impact=State of the Nation- the ruin or success of a nation begins in the homes of its people..

Principle 3

Influencers + Thoughts = Destiny

Principle 4

Indicators Not Disorders

Principle 5

Recognize Your Beliefs

Principle 6

Outcomes of Planting: Don’t Blame the Fruit

Principle 7

The Broken Child Within

Principle 8

Healthy Relationships Make a difference.

Principle 9

Crockpot VS. Microwave: A Metaphor for Transformation

Principle 10

Increase Reflectiveness and Effectiveness Increases