Institute for Social Emotional Education


What is the RUMERTIME® Process?

RUMERTIME® is a five-step social-emotional, problem-solving strategy

that supports individuals in their journey from a place of intrapersonal and interpersonal imbalance to a place of intrapersonal and interpersonal balance; and from unconscious living to conscious living.


 “My son before this program showed limited emotions, however, after the program ended my son and I have a better relationship because he is now sharing his thoughts and feelings with me.”

Parent Participant

UNICEF-Sponsored program

“My husband and my children’s father died nine months ago, we didn’t receive any counseling, everything was falling to pieces around us. My kids were always “A” students,  socially-emotionally balanced, until their dad died suddenly.  Teachers were concerned and wanted to put my son on medication because of him failing classes, appearing depressed, etc.  By the end of week one of the RFSC the emotional darkness had lifted, people were smiling again in my house, we felt hope coming back into our lives and homes. When school started back in the fall after the RFSC, teachers and counselors were “in shock” wanting to know what happened during the summer, no more did they want my son to be on medication.  My children’s grades, attitudes and behaviors were positive and improved.”



The RUMERTIME Process is for you if you answer “YES” to any of these questions: