Institute for Social Emotional Education

The RUMERTIME® for Workplace

What is the RUMERTIME® Process?

RUMERTIME® is a five-step social-emotional, problem-solving strategy

that supports individuals in their journey from a place of intrapersonal and interpersonal imbalance to a place of intrapersonal and interpersonal balance; and from unconscious living to conscious living.


“Attending this two-day workshop has helped me to better recognize and understand the effects of trauma on my clients and how to support them as they try to manage their TIME (Thoughts, Interactions, Mindsets, and Emotions.

Juvenile Probation Officer

Cultivating SEEDS System™ Framework is a creative masterpiece!  This ingenuous framework gives us the knowledge, tools, resources, and skills to grow strong, vibrant, and secure children, youth and adults. Cultivating SEEDS System™ Framework uses practical, real-life examples; as well as easy to understand and apply solutions to root problems plaguing our communities. The CSS ™is adaptable to all cultures with its metaphorical emphasis on agriculture; By far, one of the most usable and relevant models addressing root issues within communities to transform lives and create safer communities!


Behavior Intervention Specialist

The RUMERTIME Process is for you if you answer “YES” to any of these questions: