Institute for Social Emotional Education

Social Emotional First Aid(SEFA): Wellness Champion Training

Certificate of Completion

CEUs from NASW

Course Information

14  Modules

A minimum of 2 Mulching Activities per module

A minimum of 2 Role plays per Module

A minimum of 2 Videos per module

A minimum of 2 Assessments(pre & post assessment) per module

4 Hours Per Module

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What Will You Learn

Individuals will: 

  1. Learn about the LOWS program. 
  2. Acquire knowledge and understanding about social emotional wellness.
  3. Acquire the mindset and skills to become a Wellness Champion
  4. Acquire knowledge about GCSCORED’s mental health manifesto


This course will prepare individuals like yourself to be trained in the RUMERTIME Process so that you can become equipped to volunteer in your community through the Listening Oasis Wellness Space (LOWS), a division of GCSCORED, Inc.(


Individuals who enroll in this course will also be required to enroll in our courses that teaches you how to Recognize signs of:  ethical guidelines, social emotional imbalance, child abuse, suicidality, elder abuse, domestic abuse, and early childhood trauma

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Recognizing your need for self care

You want to engage in self-care, but feel guilty for thinking about yourself?

Your agency is short staffed and you feel guilty for not offering to work overtime?

A really great workshop is coming up(like this one) and you want to attend, but you don’t think they would pay for you to attend.

Ethical Guidelines for Wellness Champions

Basics of ACEs

Child Abuse Prevention and Awareness Training

Suicide Prevention and Awareness Training

Domestic Violence Prevention and Awareness Training

Elder Abuse Prevention and Awareness Training

Social Emotional Wellness and Behavioral Health

Cultural Responsiveness and Anti-Racism

Triadic Principles of Body/Mind/Spirit

Who will Benefit

  • Laypeople
  • Retirees
  • College students
  • High school graduates
  • Graduate students in Counseling, Social Work, Psychology, Public Health, Seminary programs
  • Counselors
  • Social Workers
  • Life Coaches
  • Case Managers
  • Juvenile Justice Personnel
  • Educators
  • Community leaders and others

Learning Experience

  • Google Classroom
  • Zoom Sessions
  • Facebook Community






5 Modules

5 Hours Per Module

CSS Framework Course

6 Modules

25 Hours Per Module

3Rs 2 Re-Entry Readiness

6 Modules

25 Hours Per Module

Helping the Helper to Help

1 Modules

2 Hours Per Module