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Want to be a Change Agent?
A Disruptor? A Community Healer? A Wellness Champion™?

Are you ready for a different approach to bringing change, hope, and empowerment to your family members, friends, co-workers, classmates, students, coaches, mentors, religious community, and employees, 


Then it is time to engage with behavioral health education and wellness from an innovative, re-conceptualized, and roots-based perspective: SOCIAL-EMOTIONAL FIRST AID™(SEFA™)

What is Social-Emotional First Aid™?

Social-Emotional First Aid™(SEFA™) is a multicultural-socio-ecological five-step, problem solving training course that educates, equips and empowers participants to Recognize,Understand, Manage, Express and Reflect on their Thoughts, Interactions, Mindsets, and Emotions as it relates to self, others, and life situations.

GCSCORED's training is an Immersion Experience. You will leave Transformed.

The foundations and delivery systems of SEFA allows helping professionals to utilize a culturally specific perspective when working with clients.  This perspective incorporates a client’s historical and current socio-political experiences, and considers how those experiences impact them at home, school, work, career, community, play, and business.

Testimonial of a Rumerizee(client) who received SEFA from a Wellness Champion

During my Rumerizing(SEFA™) Session, I learned many things about myself. In the past I never got the opportunity to express myself the way I did during these past sessions with my Wellness Champion. The way she listened to me without rushing me, without telling me that I was suffering from some problem allowed me to be free and not feel judged. My Wellness Champion helped me to realize that I can do more good things with myself that will uplift me and that will not only benefit me but the people around me. My Wellness Champion, (Mrs. B) made me feel comfortable to talk to her. She was friendly and understanding. This allowed me to talk freely without keeping things that were bothering me away from her. For someone considering Rumerizing, I would tell them to try it. It will help them to know who they really are and may help them resolve whatever situation they may be going through. 

SEFA for Religious Organizations

SEFA for Health & Human Services

SEFFA for Law Enforcement Agency

SEFA for Family/Home

Meet the Founder

Dr. Larrier uses her 30 plus years of practice, passion, innovation, evaluation, and research in the fields of mental health, counseling, social work, school counseling, education, and research to transform individuals, institutions and communities. Partnership and collaboration are fundamental to her success as an advocate for children, youth, adults, families, institutions, organizations and systems, both locally and globally. Emerging from her diverse professional experiences is her maxim: “Every Piece Matters.” At the heart of this maxim, lies the lifeblood that drives her relationship capacity-building activities, and her long-standing advocacy work with those described as marginalized,  invisible and voiceless. 


My Mindset about First Aid

My first encounter with the term “First Aid” was as a 9/10 year old child growing up in the Caribbean. I was a Junior Red Cross volunteer. We were taught First Aid skills and were equipped to help individuals, particularly children and youth with first aid techniques for non-complicated physical health challenges. Then at one of our Caribbean Wide Red Cross events, with hundreds of Junior Red Cross volunteers and their leaders, we were getting into formation to be inspected while in uniform. The heat of the Caribbean sun in August, the excitement of the day and not hydrating myself, -I fainted! Fortunately, everyone around me was trained in first aid and knew how to care for me in the moment until trained medical officials came to assess me to ascertain if I needed any further aid than what was first given during the emergency. Learning and Understanding first aid, gave those around me the ability to help me in one of my most vulnerable and helpless states. They didn’t have to transport me anywhere, they were trained volunteers who provided immediate care, within the current community. They had the ability to Recognize and Understand my needs and had the MARKERS™ to Manage and respond appropriately to the situation. They were trained to provide aid first within the community at the time. I was cared for during my crisis until medical professionals arrived. This gave me the best opportunity for a positive outcome and not to me only but to all those who have first aid volunteers within their communities.

Aim for SEFA Course

The aim of this Social Emotional First Aid (SEFA™) immersion course is to educate individuals across the globe with the necessary MARKERS™ to equip and empower themselves and others to effectively utilize SEFA™ for individuals in their homes, schools, workplaces and communities. Similar to the first aid that I received from trained Junior Red Cross Volunteers for my physical health crisis years ago, this SEFA™ training and workbook will educate, equip, and empower laypeople, as well as trained practitioners to provide first aid to individuals of all ages, stages, races, genders, abilities, statuses, nationalities, and religious beliefs, to meet their social-emotional needs for self and others in diverse settings.

8S’s SEFA helps to Solve…

  1. Stigma
  2. Shortage of mental health practitioners
  3. Systemic barriers and exclusionary practices
  4. Severe underfunding of mental health services
  5. Shortage of Increasing demand for mental health services
  6. Shortage of multiculturally responsive prevention/intervention strategies
  7. Scarcity of mental health resources and treatment
  8. Stagnated access to mental health services

“Your harvest will be commensurate with your planting.

You engage fully, you will gain bountifully.”

Dr. Yvonne Larrier


The SEFA™ workbook is to be used in conjunction with the SEFA™ Immersion Experience Course sponsored by GCSCORED and its divisions. What you gain from this manual/workbook will be supported by the MARKERS™ you gain from the immersion experience.



There are multiple ways that the  natural world demonstrates its creativity, originality, and authenticity. Likewise, this RUMERTIME Guided Activity Journal(RGAJ) provides you with multiple opportunities of expression, reflection, and consciousness that highlights your intrapersonal and interpersonal relationships with self, others, and situations.

The Wellness Champion Cultivation Plan Book is the CSS Framework’s guided Conceptualize, Assess, Rumerize & Transform (C-A-R-T Notes). This is a comprehensive approach to the documentation of Rumerizees full and complete stories as they are the experts of their lives.

Join the SEFA™ Immersion Experience for you

SEFA for Religious Organizations:
Clergy, Laypersons, Members, Administrators, Policy-Makers
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SEFA for Health & Human Services:
Social-Workers, Counselors, Youth Workers, Community Health Workers, Peer Recovery Coaches, Psychologists, Public Health Officials, Advocates, Child Protective Services, Juvenile Justice Personnel
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SEFA for Law Enforcement Agencies
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SEFA for Families/Home:
Children, Tweens, Teens, Adults, Single individuals, Couples, Grandparents, other Relatives
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“Your harvest will be commensurate with your planting.

You engage fully, you will gain bountifully.”

Dr. Yvonne Larrier

Could it be because you’re probably trying to solve a root level problem using a fruit level strategy?

 Imagine if…

  • You joined an online community of people who are genuinely interested in Root work and understand that Root work takes commitment and time.  

Participate in Social-Emotional First Aid Training!

On completion of this course, you will be educated, equipped and empowered about 

the Social-Emotional First Aid:


(Identify/List) your Thoughts, Interactions, Mindsets, and Emotions(TIME®) surrounding historical and contemporary marginalization of people of color, and those considered invisible and voiceless locally and globally. (Self-Awareness Skills)


(Dig Deeper) your Thoughts, Interactions, Mindsets, and Emotions(TIME®) surrounding historical and contemporary marginalization of people of color, and those considered invisible and voiceless locally and globally. (Self-Awareness Skills)


(Strategize/Negotiate) your Thoughts, Interactions, Mindsets, and Emotions(TIME®) in relation to self, others, the CSS Framework®, and the RUMERTIME Process®  while accepting diversity, ensuring equity, and promoting inclusion. (Self and Relationship Management Skills)


(Radically Empathize)your Thoughts, Interactions, Mindsets, and Emotions(TIME®) as you practice radical empathy with and towards others, especially those who are different from you.(Social Awareness Skills)


( Synthesize) on your Thoughts, Interactions, Mindsets, and Emotions(TIME®) as you write your own story about this immersion experience that has led to your personal transformation as you accept diversity, ensure equity, and promote inclusion in your setting.(Responsible Decision Making Skills)