Institute for Social Emotional Education

Who We Serve

Institute for Social Emotional Education serves individuals from four ecosystems: Home, School, Work and Community.

ISEE @ Home

We define home as a social unit of individuals living together.

Who We Equip

  • Children
  • Tweens
  • Teens
  • Youths
  • and Adults
What We Equip them to do
  • Recognize your strengths, support systems, and areas where growth is needed
  • Understand the root influences of your problems and challenges 
  • Discover your beliefs that influences your behaviors
  • Become self-aware
  • Build your empathy capacity
  • Experience a home where family members feel content and hopeful

ISEE @ School

Any organization/entity that fosters teaching and learning.

Who We Equip

  • Students
  • Administrators
  • Teachers
  • Counselors,
  • Social Workers
  • and all other personnel

What We Equip them to do

  • Strive for better grades and engagement
  • Decrease the bullying referrals
  • Decrease the discipline referrals
  • Increase student attendance and graduation rates
  • Promote positive social interactions and behaviors.

ISEE @ Work

Any entity where duties, tasks, functions are fulfilled in exchange for some form of reward/compensation.

Who We Equip

  • Individuals in Health & Human Services
  • Businesses
  • Religious Organizations
  • Legal systems
  • Non-Profit organizations, etc.

What We Equip them to do

  • Enhance their performance
  • Increase the collaboration 
  • Increase the creativity, innovation and productivity
  • Have better work ethic